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Beginners LED Electronic Digital Dice Kit, perfect for hobby and learning

Beginners LED Electronic Digital Dice Kit, perfect for hobby and learning


Excellent Beginners Kit - Build your own Microprocessor Controlled LED Dice.


This great kit is perfect for electronics hobby beginners, it comes with all components and preprogrammed real microcontroller containing the dice software.

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    Ideal for learning about electronics, with a useful and fun end product you can be proud to show as something you built.


    The very detailed instructions explain how to build your project step-by-step, with pictures showing where each component goes and how to fit them. As well as showing the build process, the instructions tell you what each part does, so you can also learn while you have fun building.


    The dice value is shown as LEDs which make up the dots on the face of the dice.


    When you press the "Roll!" button, the LEDs of the dice roll quickly though random number patterns, eventually slowing down and stopping at the score of your roll. Then they flash a couple of times to confirm your score.


    As standard the dice LED colour is red - but you can choose from red, blue, green, yellow, and white.


    When your order is received, the very detailed assembly instructions are emailed to you in advance of your kit arriving.


    Uses a 6V to 9V power source such as a 9V battery. Comes complete with power connecting wires, switch, and a PP3 9V battery connector (battery not included).


    Prepared for dispatch in an antistatic environment, packaged in an ESD protective bag.


    This kit is great for beginners though it does require some soldering abilities.


    Please note that the kit:
     - requires good soldering skills.
     - contains flashing lights
     - is not suitable for small children due to small parts.
     - must be used only for the purposes of fun and amusement.
     - is for occasional indoor domestic UK home use.
     - must not be used near sensitive electronic or medical equipment.
     - is for hobbyist construction and enjoyment.
     - must not be exported outside of the UK.
     - is not for resale in unassembled or any assembled form.

    Comes with full technical support.

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