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Copy-Me Electronic Game Kit

Copy-Me Electronic Game Kit


Build your own real Microprocessor Controlled Copy-Me Game Kit.


This tremendous, top quality, and unique electronic kit of over 70 parts comes with all components, a 100mm round black PCB, and a preprogrammed microcontroller containing the Copy-Me software.

  • Product Info

    This kit is a fully electronic and visually animated game with four coloured LED zones, coloured buttons for each zone, digital display, plus animated score/win/lose lighting, and audible musical tones.

    You really can be proud to have built this amazing and fun project.

    The gameboard area has four coloured zones. The game plays a tune, one note at a time. As the audible sounder makes each note of the tune, the corresponding coloured LEDs zone lights up. You have to remember the order of the tune and colours. When the game has finished playing the tune, you must press the coloured buttons for the notes of the tune in the same order. The digital display shows how many you got right. If you get the order completely right, a fanfare sounds, the length of the tune gets one note longer, and then the game goes on to play the longer tune next time.

    A slide switch lets you switch off the sound for silent game play.

    A really superb great value project and addictive game you can play alone or with others, which you just want to keep playing over and over again.

    When you place your order, the very detailed assembly instructions are emailed to you; these help you to assemble your project and contain a description of what each component does that you can learn from.

    Uses a 6V to 9V power source such as a 9V battery. Comes complete with a kit of power connecting wires, slide switch, and a PP3 9V battery connector (battery not included).

    Prepared for dispatch in an antistatic environment, packaged in an ESD protective bag, and sent to you in a padded jiffy bag.

    This kit is intended for advanced electronic project constructors and requires good soldering skills.

    Please note that the kit:

     - contains flashing lights.

     - is not suitable for small children due to small parts.

     - must be used only for the purposes of fun and amusement.

     - is for occasional indoor domestic UK home use.

     - must not be used near sensitive electronic or medical equipment.

     - is for hobbyist construction and enjoyment.

     - must not be exported outside of the UK.

     - is not for resale in unassembled or any assembled form.


    Comes with full technical support.

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