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Welcome Everyone to The Electronics Kit Shop

When I was about 7 years old (and that's a very long time ago) I made a little Meccano car. My Dad fitted a torch bulb into it and he wired it to an AA battery. The bulb glowed like magic. And the glow lit up my eyes - engineering was what I wanted to do forever. First as a hobby, then as a professionally qualified technology engineer.

The Electronics Kit Shop was founded to put that same excitement into hobby electronics, and to create a place where you can learn.

Those new to electronics and those who are seasoned constructors will find our projects and kits unique and amazing. Much of what you find here does not exist anywhere else.

All of our kits are totally designed by us. We know exactly what they are made of and exactly how they work - and we share that information so you can learn as you build.

And for the more experienced electronics enthusiast, we supply many frequently required components and modules for your home made projects.

I know you enjoy electronics as much as I do.

Can we help

Ask anything at all - always happy to help

Many thanks , we'll get back to you soon

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