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15 LED Star Chaser Strobe Lights Electronic Kit

15 LED Star Chaser Strobe Lights Electronic Kit


Build your own Microprocessor Controlled 15 LED Five Point Star Chaser Kit

Looks fab in your models, drones, sci-fi, cosplay, and as a very unique Christmas decoration.This great kit comes with all components and preprogrammed microcontroller containing the LED Five Point Star chaser software.

  • Product Info

    Ideal for learning about electronics, with a useful and fun end product you can be proud to show as something you built.


    The 15 LEDs show fantastic patterns on the 80mm wide star as they chase around the outside and inside.  There are 5 LEDs on the outside points, 5 LEDs in the inners of the points, and 5 LEDs in the centre. Looks amazing as a Christmas decoration. When ordering, you can the choose the colours of LEDs. You could have all the same colour, or you can have a mix of colours. If you don't see the colour mix that you would like, just send a message and we'll make it for you.


    You can select to show any of the preprogrammed patterns by simply pressing the button, or you can have all patterns cycled through in sequence as shown in the video, to give an amazing display. Use several of these kits together to create a really fabulous display.


    The main components are fitted to one side of the PCB, and you can fit the LEDs, the pattern selection button, and the speed control knob on either side of the PCB to best suit your project.


    The microcontroller remembers your previous pattern selection, so it is restored automatically when you next switch on.


    Available with two different types of LEDs that you can choose from when ordering:

    • Clear: these LEDs are super bright when viewed from the front, but are a little dimmer when viewed from the side.
    • Diffused: these LEDs are not quite as bright as the Clear, but they do give a better all-around viewing.


    Complete with detailed assembly instructions to help you to assemble, and a description of what each component does that you can learn from.


    Uses a 6V to 12V power source such as a 9V battery. Comes complete with power connecting wires and a PP3 9V battery connector.


    Prepared for dispatch in an antistatic environment, packaged in an ESD protective bag.


    Please note that the kit:
     - requires good soldering skills.
     - contains flashing lights.
     - is not suitable for small children due to small parts.
     - must be used only for the purposes of fun and amusement.
     - is for occasional indoor domestic UK home use.
     - must not be used near sensitive electronic or medical equipment.
     - is for hobbyist construction and enjoyment.
     - must not be exported outside of the UK.
     - is not for resale in unassembled or any assembled form.

    Comes with full technical support.

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