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Microchip PIC16F15244 PIC Microcontroller DIP

Microchip PIC16F15244 PIC Microcontroller DIP

SKU: PIC16F15244

A versatile low-cost 20 pin DIP microcontroller from the ever popular Microchip PIC range

  • Product Info

    Genuine new Microchip parts sourced from an authorised UK main distributor.

    •  Up to 32MHz external or internal clock
    •  7K bytes flash, 512 bytes RAM
    •  17 I/O pins + 1 input only pin
    •  2.3V to 5.5V
    •  -40°C to 85°C
    •  Two 16 bit CAPCOM / 10 bit PWM
    •  USART / SPI / MSSP / I2C
    •  ADC 10 bit with internal voltage reference
    •  Low power and sleep modes

    Prepared in an ESD safe environment, packaged properly and sent to you in an ESD sealed IC tube within an antistatic bag, enclosed overall in a padded jiffy bag.

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