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PACK OF 5 Breakout Breadboard Friendly Adapters Right Angle

PACK OF 5 Breakout Breadboard Friendly Adapters Right Angle

SKU: BBA10X1-5X2

Pack of 5 Breadboard Friendly Breakout Adapters with a Right Angle shape

  • Product Info

    This very useful adapter solves the problem of components or modules that are not breadboard friendly because they have double rows of pins which don't naturally fit into breadboards. For example the popular ESP-01 module has a double row of 2x4 pins and so won't plug directly into a breadboard.

    Using this adapter you can fit any modules which have anything up to 5 pins in 2 rows and plug them into your breadboard. Then you can easily wire to your module on the breadboard.

    The adapter kits come complete with a PCB, a 2x5 pin female connector, and a 10 pin male connector. You can also fit whatever of your own connectors instead to suit your application.

    The unique right angle shape of the adapter saves breadboard space, for example you can put the single row connector and 2x5 double row right into the breadboard corners.

    The PCB is printed the same on both sides so can be turned over and used at any angle.

    Sold as a pack of 5 very handy adapter kits.

    This kit requires the ability to solder.

    Not suitable for small children due to small parts.

    This kit was fully designed by the shop owner, and has full technical support.

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