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PACK OF 2 PCF8574 RGB LEDs and I/O Port Expander Module kits

PACK OF 2 PCF8574 RGB LEDs and I/O Port Expander Module kits


Pack-of-2 full self-assembly kits for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

  • Product Info

    This kit easily allows you to add two multicolour RGB LEDs and two single colour LEDs, with optional two pushbuttons.


    Two RGB LEDs are supplied in the kit, each LED independently giving colours red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white.


    Four single colour LEDS in red, green, blue and yellow are also supplied in the kit, and you can choose which two of these to fit, or you can fit your own colour LEDs.


    The two single colour LEDs share their PCF8574 pins with two pushbuttons. You can choose to either fit LEDs if you just want LED outputs, or you can fit buttons if you just want pushbutton inputs. You can also choose to fit the LEDs along with the buttons - in this case the LEDs can be driven on or off by the PCF8574, and when you press a button, the LED always goes on.


    The PCF8574 uses standard available Arduino software libraries and communicates over I2C bus. You can set the PCF8574 I2C address (using the 3 jumpers supplied) to any of 8 addresses. This lets you have up to 8 PCF8574 devices on a single I2C bus. There are input and output connectors at the sides of the PCB for easy daisy-chaining of multiple devices.


    The kit comes with the PCB, all components, full instructions, PCB layout diagram, schematic diagram, and examples of Arduino software to drive the LEDs and read the buttons.


    The PCB measures just 49mm x 30mm, with 4 fixing holes.


    This kit requires the ability to solder.


    Not suitable for small children due to small parts.


    Prepared at an antistatic workstation, supplied in an ESD protective bag.


    This kit was fully designed by the shop owner, and has full technical support.

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